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1. SD Mold Inspection Inc. uses only professional scientists who are also certified mold inspectors to perform inspections.
2. SD Mold Inspection Inc. uses only professional laboratories to perform analysis of samples.
3. SD Mold Inspection Inc. has performed the inspection described above in a professional manner, consistent with industry standards.
4. The results are as of the time of inspection only.  Changes in ventilation, temperature, humidity, occupancy, products used and other conditions may cause variations in the reported airborne concentrations.
5. So that we can perform the best possible job, your cooperation is required.  It is the responsibility of the inspection site residents to disclose all known issues of prior water intrusion or other known events that may contribute to mold growth.
6. SD Mold Inspection Inc. can neither guarantee and does not warrant that this assessment has revealed all adverse environmental conditions affecting the inspection site.
7. Excluded from this inspection is any system, structure, or component of the building, which is inaccessible or otherwise unable to be inspected due to circumstances beyond the control of the inspector.
8.  The results reported and any opinions set forth herein are solely for the benefit of the client and may not be quoted or used by third parties.
9. The results and opinions set forth in this report will be valid as of the date of this report only.
10. The price is valid only if client pays bill in full within 30 days of the inspection.  $50 per week will be added to the balance, plus legal costs, until paid.
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