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  • Joshua Leviton

Easy ways to be sure your mold inspector is honest and ethical!

When searching for an inspection or remediation company, be very wary of companies offering "free" or "low cost" inspections. These companies have a vested interest in identifying a problem that will require expensive remediation.

This can also be true for companies that either offer inspections AND remediation, or an inspector that is affiliated with any remediation company because they might receive commissions from remediation companies. There are unfortunately many scams being run in the world of mold inspection, mainly because mold can be undetectable by site or smell. This opens the door for con artists who would love to say you have mold when you don't, or in some cases pretend to remove mold when there was none to begin with.

This is why being skeptical is important and even necessary. When looking for a mold inspector, MAKE SURE they only perform inspections and are not affiliated with any remediation companies. Inquire about where they send their samples to get tested. Be curious, do your research on whoever you want to hire and your chances of finding an honest inspector will dramatically increase.

If you are in need of mold inspection in the San Diego area, SD Mold Inspection, Inc. has no affiliations, and does not receive commissions from remediation companies. We give you a fair, accurate, independent inspection with no preconceived ideas that you will need remediation.

But whether you are looking to hire US or someone else, always be skeptical, curious, and protect yourself from fraud! That is the best advice I can offer.


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